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A company committed to innovation, continuous improvement, and positive change

Queensgate Investments is a firm committed to continuous improvement, unique investment strategies, and inclusive company policies. People who invest with Queensgate Investments know that this company is results-driven and highly professional. The company’s unique emphasis on innovation, continuous improvement and positive change has made it a role model for companies that share similar values.

Innovative, Non-Institutional Investment Strategies

This private investment firm advises and manages over £3 billion worth of assets. But what truly sets Queensgate Investments apart from the rest is its flexible and non-institutional investment strategy. Institutional investment firms tend to invest in large quantities with greater risk and represent the majority of investments in the market today. In contrast, Queensgate’s non-institutional approach allows for a more personalized, thoughtful investment strategy that supports more niche industries and properties.

Additionally, the company’s focus on flexibility causes it to take advantage of short-term opportunities to craft its portfolio. The innovative approach implemented by Queensgate Investments has also lowered investment risks while continuing to present comparable returns. This bold strategy is just one way that Queensgate Investments is making a splash in the financial industry.

Year after year, people continue to develop their skills, preferences, and identities. Similarly, the world continues to become more populated, technology-driven and connected. Queensgate Investments recognizes the continuous development of today’s world and its people, which is why the firm continues to develop and make improvements as well.

Continually Improving Futuristic & Inclusive Policies

The company has not just grown in regards to business (revenue, partners, properties, etc.), but also culturally. Since being established a decade ago, Queensgate Investments has tweaked its policies, expanded its reach with properties and investors, and included more people of diverse skill sets and backgrounds to achieve ultimate success. The company has shared that creating an inclusive and respectful work environment is not just an ethical way to conduct business, but also enables the firm to do its best work. 

In addition, the company benefits from a wide array of employee perspectives, as the current Queensgate Investments team is a multicultural one with members coming from eight different countries. By proactively making improvements, Queensgate Investments has both committed to its employees and shown how companies – like individuals and the world in general – can continue to improve and get better over time.

Philanthropy for Positive Change

Queensgate Investments is dedicated to positive change and actively gives back to the global community via the Queensgate Foundation. With an estimated 356 million children in extreme poverty, the foundation’s philanthropy program is specifically focused on addressing the needs of children and young people – our future. By working alongside venture philanthropy groups and nonprofit organizations, Queensgate has provided support packages, offered funding, and advocated for access to education and improved health for underprivileged populations.  Working with seven different charities that focus on everything from mental health to education to pollution, the Queensgate Foundation is helping to support our most vulnerable youth. Creating positive change has always been a key part of the Queensgate mission and will continue to be an identifying characteristic of the brand for years to come.

The leaders of Queensgate Investments use their own profits to invest in the most valuable assets: children and education. The founder of the Queensgate Foundation, Jason Kow, believes that helping disadvantaged children is not just a privilege; it is a requirement.

Their philanthropy program focuses on providing children with the right resources to reach their full potential. Kow firmly believes that all children deserve to access high-quality education – no matter their social class or wealth. By supporting their emotional well-being, Queensgate is drastically improving their lives and future opportunities. 

Since its inception, the Queensgate Foundation has extended its reach to support seven different charities. Though they mainly focus on education, they have expanded their scope to help organisations that support various purposes, including mental health and environmental aims.

Final Thoughts

Through its commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and positive change, Queensgate Investments is much more than a financial firm – it is a role model for other companies. Simply put, with Queensgate you aren’t just investing in properties, but investing in a company that understands the need to be a part of building a better and brighter future. Explore all that Queensgate Investments has to offer at https://www.queensgateinv.com/ and read about the charities the Queensgate Foundation supports at https://www.queensgatefoundation.com/.

About Queensgate 

Queensgate Investments LLP (“Queensgate”) advises and manages around GBP 3B worth of assets through the suite of Queensgate Investments Funds.

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Queensgate owns Generator Group, the largest lifestyle hostel company globally, consisting of 19 hotels, with a total of 3,194 rooms or 11,390 beds in 17 gateway cities across 10 countries

Large and Lite Loans

Queensgate owns the 906-room Kensington Forum Hotel, the third largest hotel in London

Safe and Rock Tight

In 2019, Queensgate acquired Grange St Paul’s, Grange Tower Bridge, Grange City, and Grange Holborn for circa GBP 1B from the Matharu Brothers

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Following significant investment, the Grange Hotels now trade as the Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s, Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge, Leonardo Royal London City and the Nyx Hotel London Holborn